Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Sutherland's Cloud Services make available our Business Process Transformation services, via the cloud. Customers now get the pool of expertise we have built up over the years in these areas on the cloud, delivered with the cloud's advantages of no Capex, pay-as-you-go pricing; fast time-to-market; scalability; and elasticity. The services are available for deployment on private or public cloud infrastructure and consist of:

Cloud Contact Center
redundant, cloud-based virtual machines with end-to-end, software-based contact center features, with voice gateways for TDM connection.
Cloud Network Operations Center (NOC)
Automated Application Performance Monitoring (APM) and IT Process Automation (ITPA). Our APM service automatically and remotely monitors conditions that cause outage and mitigates them using application behavior learning, predictive analysis and audits, minimizing the need for staff intervention. The ITPA service provides IT productivity improvement and compliance.
Cloud Supply Chain Management
Allows customers to create a network of suppliers, collaborate with them online on workflows, procure goods, receive and send e-invoices, and automate payment, linking with back-end systems.
Cloud Accounting
End-to-end accounting service for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Provides a full gamut of audit-ready accounting books such as ledger, trial balance, etc. Far more efficient than hiring a full-time accountant in-house for SMEs.
Cloud Analytics
Customer data is uploaded in batch- or real-time mode to Sutherland's servers, where our experts analyze, provide insights, and help execute follow-up tasks such as targeted marketing campaigns. The analytics engine handles Big Data in batch mode or real-time, in a variety of industry segments including telecom, banking, social media and retail.
Cloud Infrastructure Managed Services
Sutherland's pool of certified staff provide ongoing operations and maintenance services for customers' cloud infrastructure, reducing the burden on enterprise IT departments.

The Sutherland Advantage

  • Deep and broad subject-matter expertise in business process management and execution, now available over the cloud.
  • Services available on a pay-as-you-go basis, rapidly and managing demand elasticity, on private or public cloud.

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