CloudSource, the New Standard in Work@Home

Sutherland’s CloudSource brings the power of the Cloud to you by providing access to unlimited talent. Our cutting edge work from home solution provides 100% virtualized state-of-the-art processes.

Sometimes you need to reach beyond the limited geographic scope of a traditional contact center to find the talent you need. With CloudSource, you can open your recruiting pool up to the globe. Define any specific skill set you want and we will find those individuals in large numbers. Using CloudSource with your traditional brick and mortar centers can give you the best of all worlds.

  • You get a virtual workforce spread across the country or globe minimizing any disaster recovery issues you might have in a specific geographic location
  • You get access to the very best talent via our precision targeting science - better talent means a better customer experience and better KPI's
  • Our CloudSource consultants are employees who are dedicated to your program - not shared with other clients. They are driven to exceed your KPI targets with our innovative pay-for-performance incentive structure
  • You get Burstable Capacity to handle sudden changes in your call volumes by leveraging a distributed workforce with built in elasticity & scheduling agility
  • You can choose a 100% virtual model or a hybrid hub & spoke model to leverage existing contact center investments
  • You will experience a more loyal, higher quality and much happier workforce that doesn't leave you after you've invested in them
  • CloudSource is as secure, if not more secure, than a traditional brick & mortar call center
  • CloudSource is good for the environment, eliminating the cost, traffic hassles and pollution related to a commute.
Leverage CloudSource today to experience the compelling benefits, including:
Get the best Talent from the Cloud...
  • The Widest Net - We leverage the reach of the internet to throw the widest net possible finding the top performers for you
  • Talent Targeting - We can literally use hundreds of job-boardâ€TMs, forums, and profile-specific websites to track down and find the A-Players across hundreds of millions of candidates globally
  • Talent Network – Connecting with passive candidates to build a robust pipeline for future opportunities
  • The Best Selection - We use the latest, state-of-the-art, scientific screening tools to screen our vast applicant pool down to the very best performers
  • Top Performance - By finding the best possible talent, we insure the best KPI performance
The best talent delivers the best performance...
  • Increased Satisfaction Scores - higher caliber, more experienced agents result in a better customer experience, better NPS/CSAT, better FCR
  • Better Sales - Higher Average Order Value (AOV) and Conversion Rate by FanSourcingTM - finding the fans of your product or service to be your agents
  • Lower attrition - results in more tenured, experienced agents
  • Higher Attendance - your employees wake up at work
  • Better Service Levels & Schedule Adherence - our model allows us to get people on the phone when you need and off when you don't
We can train any material, of any length as efficiently as a brick & mortar center...
  • Instructor Led Virtual Training - State-of-the-art Instructor-led virtual training tools and processes support real-time collaboration, training and rich interaction
  • Learning Management System - Cutting-edge Learning Management System and e-Learning tools and processes support cradle-to-grave view of training
  • Mobile enabled training - push training modules to where today's employees are – on the go, on their smartphones and tablets.
  • VILT ProgramTM - Virtual Instructor Led Trainers (VILT) program provides certified e-trainers with progressive levels providing career path.
  • Better Service Levels & Schedule Adherence – our model allows us to get people on the phones when you need them, and off when you don't
Our virtual model delivers impressive efficiencies...
  • Burstable Capacity - our part-time home agents have excess hours they can deliver when needed
  • Scheduling agility - No drive time means we can flex our agents on and off the phone easily
  • Lower attrition - Since our agents can select flexible schedules while still covering all your calls they are happier and stay in their jobs longer
  • Better attendance - No drive time & no weather means it's a lot easier to get to work
  • Better utilization - Our part-time model reduces unproductive time and delivers more value to our clients
We provide unmatched flexibility to our agents and clients...
  • Flexible scheduling - Our approach allows our agents to select their own schedules while fulfilling every interval is staffed for our clients.
  • Rapid Response - because our agents are at home and working on average 20-25 hours we can flex up or down our hours significantly with short notice.
  • Employee interface - Our employees are able to view, select and accept additional hours from their smartphones, tablets or computers either at home or on the go.
  • Instant Communication - we can quickly communicate with our employees to flex them on or off work.
Our daily operational management has been optimized for remote management...
  • Dedicated employees - not shared Independent Contractors
  • Traditional Processes - same processes as B&M center for quality monitoring, continuous coaching, development, and role playing
  • Gamified Feedback - We provide real-time feedback on performance and we make it fun to motivate and drive KPI focus in a remote environment
  • Continuous Collaboration - We stay in touch with our agents throughout the day with various chat & video sessions with their management, SME's and peers
Our daily operational management has been optimized for remote management...
  • No Commute - can save 1-2 hours per day
  • No Parking Cost or wear and tear on their vehicles - could save over a $1000/year.
  • No Dry-Cleaning or Wardrobe upkeep or costs - could save up to $300/year.
  • Save money on meals at home - Fast food lunches and vending machine snacks can cost as much as $500/year
  • Greater Work/Life Balance with Schedule Flexibility – Your agents can tailor their schedule to their lives
  • No Boundaries – Your agents can relocate wherever they want and still have a job with Sutherland
  • Employees with mobility issues are very successful in the at home CloudSource environment
We can provide both a 100% virtual and hub & spoke model...
  • Virtual Model - We are 100% “Virtualized” and can attract talent from anywhere
  • Hub & Spoke Model - We can easily deploy a traditional hub-and-spoke (H&S) model to take advantage of your people investments in a specific geographic area
  • Leverage Local Investments - Hub & Spoke is a very good solution for physical capacity constraints in your B&M centers, and as a first step to a more virtual model.
  • Re-Badge Option - Re-Badge your employees to Sutherland employees with confidence using a Hub & Spoke model. Migrate over time to a more virtual model to gain greater benefits
  • Win-Win Solution - Allows closure of your physical center while maintaining employment and experience of your loyal team.
  • Your Employees Cared For - We protect compensation and benefits for a period of time to minimize disruption to your re-badged employees
  • Best-in-class Technology Solution - Fully virtual and rapidly scalable allowing us to leverage the maximum number of candidates.
  • Online Technology Assessment - Remotely test candidate PC and Broadband connection with the click of a button
  • Auto-installation - One click to install all system software and utilities to become a virtual consultant
  • High QOS Virtual Telephony - VOIP telephony solution allows us to reach the maximum number of households, especially as “landlines” become extinct in our homes.
  • Robust Security Solution - Two dozen points of security deployed
  • Dual-Factor Authentication is standard
  • Employee desktop lockdown
  • PCI, SOX compliance
  • Safe-Call IVR and Safe-Call Chat - secure information exchange over the phone protecting credit card and other sensitive data.
  • Additional layers of security available
  • Reduced Carbon footprint - less cars commuting and producing pollution
  • Eliminates traffic - Fewer cars on the road.
  • Opens hiring for underserved communities - Brings jobs to areas with limited opportunities and those with mobility issues
  • International - Sutherland is the leader in International deployments of the WAH model
  • Tailored by Geography - Optimized models and processes for different countries and cultures.
  • Back Office - Sutherland is the leader in Back Office deployments of the WAH model
  • Better Value - CloudSource can offer higher performance at a lower cost
  • Avoid Fixed Costs - The fixed costs and stranded capacity of the physical call center can be avoided
  • Invest in Customer Experience - Invest those savings into the their CloudSource agents to support even better KPI performance and better Customer Experience.