BPO Services

Enterprise Services Solutions for High-Complexity Business Challenges

Today’s rapidly changing technology landscape makes it tough to keep pace with customer demands and staffing needs while growing market share, profitability and revenue. Cloud-based and traditional licensing-based software and hardware companies need expert help to swiftly ramp up tech support for advanced complexity commercial clients and high-tech end users. As your geographic footprint expands, where can you turn to source qualified candidates with the technical acumen and language skills to meet the rigorous demands of your customers and end-users?

Sutherland’s Enterprise Services business team is here to support all of these needs.

We seamlessly align with our clients’ business culture to deliver world-class technical service to customers and end-users across multiple geographies and languages worldwide. Sutherland’s expert product services engineers (PSEs) and IT professionals bring deep knowledge and experience in technology infrastructure, operating systems, application stack and the implementation of those systems, together with the communication, logical thinking, diagnostic and troubleshooting skills critical to solving the most complex business-impacting problems. Our client-partners include some of the world’s largest technology icons and Fortune 500 companies. Their leaders trust Sutherland to support the most complex, highly technical end users in the Enterprise space.

Measurable Business Outcomes

Global Internet technology firm achieves 95% CSAT and strong revenue growth

Background: Sutherland was engaged by a US-based multinational technology firm to support its proprietary cloud-based workplace productivity suite, offered as a paid service to companies and organizations of all sizes. This proprietary application empowers businesses to get work done from anywhere on any device in an extremely collaborative and cost-efficient manner. Part of a multi-vendor Follow-the-Sun concept, Sutherland provides 24/7 technical support to the client’s platform customers in English, Spanish and European languages.

Solution: Our primary goal was to create and maintain customer loyalty by providing an exceptional interaction with the client. Today, Sutherland’s team assists in every aspect of the customer lifecycle – from setup, migration, configuration and issue resolution to exploring the app’s full palette of functionalities. Consumer issues vary greatly in complexity, from simple how-to questions to in-depth technical queries. Support channels include phone, Email and chat. Our team has expanded to nearly 300 FTEs in Sofia, Bulgaria and has grown to approximately 170 FTEs at our center in Bogota, Colombia.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Improved CSAT
  • Supported Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Increased Market Share

Key results:

  • Improved CSAT to 95%
  • 100K cases handled in 12 months
  • 402 FTE successfully ramped up globally
  • Improved revenue growth
  • New lines of business added annually
  • Sutherland named “Vendor of Choice”

Leading educational technology company raises CSAT to over 90%, increases resolution rate to more than 55%

Background: Our client is a leading enterprise software company best known for its student learning management systems. As the company grew via acquisition – serving more than 17,000 institutions in over 100 countries – its internal support solution struggled to scale with the growth, leading to high attrition and low KPI performance. Resolution and responsiveness rates were low, customer satisfaction was dropping and churn rates were high. Adding to the challenge were seasonal case volume spikes and low SLAs.

Solution: Sutherland’s multi-geographic solution includes Enterprise B2B Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for the clients’ customer base in North America. We also provide Tier 1 support for EMEA customers from our Bulgaria location, LATAM customer support from our center in Mexico and SDM support from our Dubai location. Our comprehensive solution includes voice and email support for system administrators requiring product configuration as well as product support, account management, customer service and web hosting infrastructure support. In addition, our team provides project coordinator and knowledge management support as well as client care and advocacy, analytics and advanced dash boarding. We implemented a custom-designed functional group support model to drive operational excellence and flawless execution.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Supported Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Improved CSAT
  • Increased Market Share and Customer Growth
  • Transformational Business Services

Key Results:

  • Improved initial responsiveness from 30% to 90%+ percent
  • Increased 7-day resolution rate from 30% to 85%+
  • Increased CSAT from 50% to over 90%
  • Internal Tier 2 escalation rate cut in half
  • Able to drive high performance during seasonal volume spikes
  • Transformed Support from a “black eye” to a true differentiator

Cybersecurity leader cuts case closing cost by 50%, drives CSAT to over 90%

Background: Our client is a leader in advanced cybersecurity solutions that serves tens of millions of users across more than 2,400 global enterprises, universities and government agencies. The company approached Sutherland’s Enterprise Services team seeking a scalable, cost-effective support solution that would keep pace with its aggressive growth strategy. Faced with a highly competitive marketplace, the client needed to stand out as a key differentiator. Key goals included increasing responsiveness, CSAT and customer retention while reducing costs.

Solution: Sutherland’s comprehensive B2B solution is a true 24/7 Follow the Sun support model which includes Enterprise B2B Tier 1 and Tier 2 support for the client’s global customer base. We deliver Tier 1 EMEA support from our center in Bulgaria as well as Tier 1 SMB support and an Enterprise B2B upgrade support team from our US-based locations. Our CCP team provides customer care and advocacy. We also implemented a custom-designed Functional Group Support Model to repair SLA performance during a period of rapid case volume growth and limited budget for support resources.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Improved CSAT
  • Increased Market Share
  • Supported Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Supported Customer Growth

Key results:

  • Since program inception, the cost of closing a case has been cut in half
  • CSAT scores exceed 90% month-over-month
  • Handle and close 90% of the incoming case volume
  • Earned “Best Customer Service” award from a leading industry publication
  • High-performing support solution assisted in company’s successful IPO

Cybersecurity leader launches simultaneous business transformation spanning 3 sites, 3 continents and 8 languages

Background: Our client, a leading cybersecurity and information management solutions provider for Fortune 500 companies, was splitting from its former parent company into an independent, privately owned company. Sutherland was engaged to oversee and execute the entire business transformation – with no downtime or business interruption – simultaneously across three continents (EMEA, APAC and India.) Per the client’s non-disclosure agreement, we were entrusted to perform all preliminary work under 100% confidentiality; current employees would have no prior knowledge until the actual day of transition. In the five months leading up to the event, we hired 180 people worldwide.

Solution: We successfully completed this high-complexity business transformation seamlessly and simultaneously across three sites, eight languages and two skill sets, including Tier 1/ frontline and Tier 2/advanced support. All current employees were retained and rebadged as Sutherland employees. Today, we provide technical support by phone and email for the client’s customers in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (LATAM and European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Mandarin and Japanese. Our technical support engineers deliver high-quality support for customers on backup and recovery products – including troubleshooting and resolving highly complex technical issues on heterogeneous environments that are utilized on complex, mission-critical Enterprise systems.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Transformational Business Services
  • Expedite Time-to-Market
  • Improved CSAT

Key results:

  • Transition: Moved 1300 advanced cases and 600 frontline cases across all sites
  • Today: Handle 950 ADV cases while maintaining the frontline backlogs
  • Delivered CSAT of 79% for the frontline business, an outstanding result considering the newness of the overall team