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Companies in all industries face increasingly complex competitive environments. They need to determine how to achieve and sustain viable marketplace differentiators to outpace the competition and strive for continuous improvement. This hinges on the organization's ability to define objectives, and to execute and measure performance to determine the actions required to move toward stated goals.

Data and information reside at the heart of this improvement. Managing and deriving intelligence out of data in an organization delivers numerous benefits and can increase profitability as evolving information systems continue to yield unexpected benefits.


The data management solution suite is illustrated in the following diagram:

Data Management Solutions

Sutherland data management solutions are geared towards companies to achieve one or more of the following business needs:

  • Database quality health check
  • Database clean up
  • Ability to accurately identify and link customers and thus provide updated customer information
  • Enable customized ad-hoc data extraction for various actionable
  • Enable analytic activities like Segmentation, Predictive Scorecards, and Clustering/Profiling for better customer targeting and
  • aximizing business value of each relationship

Sutherland uses internationally accepted data management practices with special focus on process orientation, automation tools, and advanced algorithms to unleash the power of data in serving varied business needs.

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