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Decision Sciences

Our service in this area focuses on addressing complex questions for key decision makers using advanced analytics. Clients benefit from improvement in targeted marketing and business offerings by efficiently accommodating customer needs, and adjusting to dynamic business conditions rapidly.

Consumer and Market Insight

  • Analysis of consumer needs, attitudes and behavior
  • Need, Value, Lifestyle based segmentation
  • Value Migration and Tripwire


  • Maintaining market share and keeping bad debts at an acceptable level
  • Adjusting price to maximize profit while retaining accept-rates and improving margins
  • Assigning credit limit budget constraint to selectively increase credit limits in different segments
  • Payroll Portfolio Optimization
  • Campaign Optimization

Campaign Management

  • Building campaign framework to roll out regular campaigns
  • Evaluate rolled out campaigns and perform course corrections if required

Marketing ROI Solutions

  • Comprehensive marketing mix models
  • Optimization of marketing spend
  • Promotion effectiveness analysis


  • Price elasticity models
  • Risk based pricing
  • Need based pricing

Decision Supporting Products

"Campaign Genesis", developed by Sutherland, offers broad-based support to the client marketing team toward policy-based targeting to provide the "Right Offer to Right Customer"

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