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A bank's largest asset is its customer base. However given the competition today, it is important for banks to understand the profiles of their customers and implement customized strategies covering the entire customer lifecycle, including acquisition, value management, attrition, and collections.

Some typical challenges faced by a bank are:

  • What are the various customer profiles in my portfolio and what kind of services/products to Up-sell / Cross-selling to these customers to extract maximum value?
  • Who are the most profitable customers in my portfolio?
  • Who are the customers to be targeted for a campaign and what are the channels to be used?
  • What should be the pricing strategy for my products?
  • What is the risk profile of my customers and how much risk am I willing to incorporate in my portfolio?

Sutherland Solutions

Sutherland provides end-to-end solutions covering the entire gamut of marketing/risk/pricing solutions. We combine predictive analytics with process implementation to help banks to target profitable customers, minimize risks/losses, improve customer response and maximize campaign ROIs.

Customer Acquisition

Targeting the right customers with the right offer to improve response and profitability.

Customer Segmentation

Segmentation solutions to help banks design effective customer management strategies.

Risk Management

Risk solutions such as scorecards for loan underwriting and approval or denialy criteria to yield the highest return on investments

Collections - Recovery strategies

These strategies include collection scorecards, intelligent rules, and vendor management to increase the collectibles for each unit of collection effort.

Fraud Management

Designing rules to identify and manage fraud in areas such as application, transaction fraud, and more. Apart from analytics, Sutherland also offers reporting and data solutions to help clients improve on their business operations and processes.

Campaign Management

Designing, managing and improving the campaign management processes using in-house tools and expertise for cross-selling, up-selling, and other loyalty initiatives.

Reporting solutions

Expert reporting solutions, from corporate dashboards to branch level performance metrics, using web- based tools and solutions to assess the financial health of the business

Data management solutions

Expert data architecture and management solutions to harness the power of data across business functions.

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