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Insurance and risk management comprise an immense global industry. Foremost are insurance underwriters who cover the risks and issue the policies; additionally there are agencies that sell insurance, claims processing firms, data collection firms, and myriad other specialized fields serving the industry.

Product and channel innovations are happening at an unimaginable speed. A growing number of financial firms are venturing into insurance space. In such a competitive environment, only those companies who make every decision intelligently right from the types of customers acquired to product pricing to channel performance management to fraud protection will outperform the competition.

Insurance Offerings

Sutherland brings the power of analytics to enable insurance companies make informed and intelligent decisions. Our marketing and risk solutions not only enhance top-line but also improve bottom line significantly by minimizing risks and reducing costs.

Customer Acquisition
  • Response/models for database marketing
  • Campaign management
Customer Management

  • Up sell and cross sell
  • Multi dimensional segmentation
  • Lapse analysis
Claims and Fraud Management
  • Loss forecasting models
  • Score based premium
Claim management

  • Fraud detection models
  • Claims rating models
Channel Management
Agency Management
  • Agents and sales force selection, performance management and retention

Web Channel Management

Customer Reach
  • Campaign analysis
  • Search engine analysis
Customer Acquisition
  • A/B testing for layout and website design
  • Bounce rate analysis
Customer Conversion
  • Buyer conversion
Customer Value Management
  • Predictive models for cross sell, up sell
  • Product association rules

These solutions have helped insurers across countries to build a measured response to the heightened risks in their businesses.

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