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Predictive Solutions

Make smarter decisions using our Predictive Analytic solutions, which encompass extensive statistical modeling, forecasting and optimization, and simulation. Our predictive analytic solutions provide a wide range of techniques and processes for the analysis and interpretation of data to identify patterns, key performance variables and interdependencies, leading ultimately to new insights for guided decision-making.

ABC of Risk Solutions

Sutherland risk solutions helps manage risk throughout the customer life cycle

  • Application Scorecards - to assess origination risk
  • Behavioral Scorecards - to assess behavioral risk of existing customers on an ongoing basis
  • Collections and Recovery Scorecards - to assess collectablility from current delinquent customers
  • Loss Forecasting and Fraud Prediction - to assess losses at portfolio level and compliance

Marketing Solutions

Sutherland provides tailored marketing solutions for select verticals to improve and optimize marketing drives

  • Response Propensity Models
  • Cross sell & Up sell Models
  • Attrition Models for Banks, Telecom, Insurance firms
  • Customer Lifetime Value Prediction Models
  • Credit Card Activation/Usage Models
  • Spend Prediction Models

Marketing ROI Solutions

Superior Marketing Mix Models from Sutherland helps optimize marketing spend by activity and channel and ensure maximum return on budgeted spends

  • Comprehensive marketing mix models
  • Optimization of marketing spend
  • Promotion effectiveness analysis

Pricing Models

Customized and generic pricing models from Sutherland help assess risk return tradeoff for risk based pricing while elasticity helps to capture maximum price from customer

  • Price elasticity models
  • Risk Based Pricing

Credit Line Management

Models from Sutherland help determine and manage Credit line dynamically on a month on month basis

  • Credit line prediction models
  • Increase/Decrease credit line decision models

Tailored Solutions

Along with the packaged analytical models mentioned above, Sutherland also specializes in providing solutions customized to the client's needs.

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