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Increased attrition due to slower economic conditions, a highly competitive marketplace, and competition from newer technologies like wireless and voice-over-the-Net services, have all added to the challenges faced by the telecom industry around the world. Heightened competition and overcapacity are pushing down prices for telecom carriers, putting higher pressure on margins and profitability.

To address this multitude of challenges, telecom leaders need to focus on core performance, understand customer segments, and develop sustainable business strategies. Sutherland’s Telecom Solutions offerings are geared toward providing a structured response to many of the profitability challenges faced by telecom players.

Sutherland Solutions

Customer Lifecycle Management

Our customer lifecycle management solutions support the entire lifecycle of customers in the telecom vertical.

Other Solutions

Sutherland also offers risk and survey analytics solutions to augment its lifecycle management of the customer. These solutions enable telecom providers to achieve superior returns on given risk profile of the business.

Revenue Management

  • Recommendations for profitable partnerships and right pricing for accessing competitor network
  • Lost revenue analysis by reconciling multiple data sources

Risk Mitigation

  • Origination Scorecards to assess risk at acquisition
  • Predictive risk modeling

Survey Analytics

Measuring customer satisfaction and understanding needs by

  • Framing survey design
  • Capturing responses
  • Analyzing the responses and providing feedback to business
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