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Analytical intelligence has become a key competitive differentiator and Sutherland is helping companies gain a comparative edge by harnessing the power of information in data and business processes.

Industry Expertise

  • Airlines - The Airlines solution suite provides a gamut of solutions covering profitability of interlining agreements, frequent flyer program management, fraud management and MIS reporting solutions covering sales, marketing, revenue accounting/management more
  • Telecom - Telecom solutions help operators reduce customer churn and improve their collections and manage their accounts more more
  • Retail - Our Retail Analytics toolkit helps retail businesses optimize their marketing spend, understand consumer behavior, optimize inventory levels, and increase spend per more
  • Insurance - The Insurance solutions assist insurers in a wide range of areas, from product development and marketing to pricing and loss modeling to claims and agent more
  • Financial Services - Our suite of analytics offerings for financial services companies includes solutions ranging from customer acquisition and retention to credit risk management and collection more


  • Predictive Solutions - Enable the right customer decision and treatment through the right score (approve/deny, spend default, attrition etc) more
  • Decision Sciences - Enable the right customer treatment through appropriate line, right offer, optimal contact strategy based on customer insights and more
  • Reporting Solutions - A thorough check to assess the pulse of the business and initiatives through reporting suites, dashboard, MIS more
  • Data Management - Enable analytics through data and data management more
  • Web Analytics - Solve the mysteries of the "unknown customer" through the web-log data to enable strategic more
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