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Knowledge Services for Business Engagements

Sutherland’s Knowledge Management Services provide high-end customized research & analytics solutions. Leveraging our 10+ years of experience, we empower our clients to make informed strategic and operational decisions.

Our integrated services and global delivery model allow us to uniquely tailor services and provide flexibility to ramp up swiftly. A culture of innovation, performance, teamwork and customer centricity inculcated in our team has helped us forge strong client relationships.

Sutherland’s bespoke Research & Analytics services possess a global clientele with coverage across sectors and geographies. We provide 100% customized solutions, and our intellectual capital and streamlined processes make us a partner of choice.

Analytical intelligence can be a key competitive differentiator

Sutherland helps companies harness the power of information locked in data and business processes

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Sutherland's capabilities are built on a foundation of solid domain and execution expertise across sectors, products, regions and economies.

Our research framework is supported by primary research capabilities that are used to validate secondary research findings

All engagements stand to benefit from gathering market intelligence ...

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Our business research practice specializes in providing a full suite of qualitative and quantitative market research, business advisory and consulting services. This practice boasts of a 120+ strong clientele including few of the Fortune 500 corporate houses, leading consulting firms, Government agencies, Asset management firms and derives a significant portion of its revenues by repeat business.

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The Sutherland Advantage

  • Operational Insights – Processing over 45 million transactions every month, we provide unique actionable and contextual insights to emerging challenges
  • Analytics – We leverage Analytics to improve Customer Acquisition, Profitability and Client Retention
  • Primary Research – We enhance research outcome by going beyond desk research. Sutherland has executed over 350 Surveys/Primary research projects
  • Global Footprint – Sutherland has presence in 15 countries including eight emerging markets across the globe
  • Technological Innovation – Sutherland offers a full suite of leading-edge, technology-enabled and platform-based solutions ensuring service delivery, predictability, scalability and repeatability
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