BPO Services

Improve Customer Experience and Unlock End-to-End Operational Insights

Sutherland helps organizations leverage deep customer profile and analytic insights to shape and maximize customer demand, while providing greater end-to-end global supply chain visibility and optimization of fulfillment operations.

The company leverages a cloud-based technology platform designed to:

  • Consume and integrate data from many sources to monitor customer transactional behavior;
  • Provide comprehensive real-time business analytics on customer behavior, order management, inventory management, logistics and after-market operations;
  • Support process automation increasing operational workflow collaboration and performance;
  • Establish service gateways to applications to provide an end-to-end supply chain control tower view.

From these deep insights, the company helps organizations execute predictive next best actions to optimize business outcomes and customer satisfaction.

Customer Management

SGS leverages its CEM platform to ensure positive customer interactions that nurture long-term customer loyalty. It manages ongoing customer interactions based on insights acquired from previous Omni-channel customer interactions and experiences. Our CEM based solutions maintain a single source of truth for a 360-degree view of the customer to ensure optimized customer attraction and acquisition leading to efficient and effective supply chain operations.

Order Management

Many companies struggle to achieve adaptability and responsiveness in fulfilling orders. SGS assists companies in delivering the right products and services with the right documentation in the right quantity and costs. Our insight based Order Management solution helps overcome legacy order management system limitations with improved order processing visibility and supply chain agility. We help improve the efficiency of the order management and supply chain fulfillment lifecycle to ensure satisfied customers.

After Sales Market

After Sales supply chain, including Returns, Technical Repair and Support, and Warranty Management, can have a profound impact on a company's reputation. This impact can effect both top and bottom lines by way of process inefficiencies and ineffectiveness that ultimately result in customer churn. SGS solutions provide improved visibility that enhances the customer experience, customizes the after sales warranty and return process, and enables stakeholders to make insights-based decisions.


Consistency and accuracy of critical enterprise customer, product and supply chain data is crucial for efficient and effective business operations. Data governance and Master Data Management (MDM) are key in ensuring a single source of truth for these valuable enterprise data sources. Our MDM offering ensures that the insights into the supply chain are reliable and the Next Best Actions (NBA) are contextual and relevant, thereby ensuring the appropriate communication triggers across the Omni Channel.

Measureable Business Outcomes

Case Study: Transformed Order-to-Cash (O2C), Removes Silos, Reduces Costs by ...

Transformed Order-to-Cash (O2C), Removes Silos, Reduces Costs by 20%, Improves Cash Flow

Background: Our client was facing siloed Order-to-Cash (O2C) functions and three disparate European locations that had no consolidated Accounts Receivables (AR). They needed to reduce Order Management (OM) costs by 20% without adding any labor cost arbitrage. Order processing was in need of transformation to achieve improved accuracy and downstream process efficiencies. The company wanted a minimum of 20% savings in its baseline cost structure when it had already offshored 96% of its operations.

Solution: Sutherland helped the company consolidate and transform its O2C function from disparate processes into a fully controlled iBPO solution that included consolidated AR results. It helped the company to deploy uniform best practices across the O2C function. Sutherland helped the organization to improve O2C process workflows, deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions with a well-defined business rules engine. It enhanced communications, establishing a cost-effective, collaborative and customer-centric communication process.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • 23% net savings in TCO
  • Reduced OM by 20% with no additional labor costs

Key Results:

  • Improved cash collection times with better cash flow
  • Increased O2C process communications

Insights Driven SCM, Improves Return Material Authorization (RMA), Asset Recovery & Customer Experience

Background: Like many technology companies, this multi-national technology company faced reverse supply chain challenges with a surplus of ongoing products as they introduced new ones. Siloed RMA processes resulted in delayed resolutions and were not aligned to customer segmentation, limiting their ability to treat customers uniquely rather than in a ‘one policy for all’ fashion. High customer call volumes for return status updates and inefficient asset recovery processes resulted in high overhead costs.

Solution: Sutherland deployed an automated system leveraging analytic models and machine learning to identify returns and Next Best Actions (NBA) checklists to guide appropriate RMA processes. The solution facilitated global, multilingual RMA, warranty and asset recovery product support processes. Automated recommendations enhanced business rules definitions through machine learning to provide guidance for NBA and reverse engineering handling. Omni-channel customer visibility services provided a single view of customers, aligning user profiles, and product return and delivery status updates.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Business efficiencies reduced customer care for RMA update calls by 30%
  • Realized $1.2M through asset recovery

Key Results:

  • RMA and Asset Recovery business processes were streamlined with reduced operational costs
  • Established a clear single source of truth, eliminating administrative overhead
  • Customer experience for returned products was greatly improved driving increased CSAT & NPS

Global Logistics Support Delivers Outbound Service Efficiency, 99% ETA Commitment Success Rate

Background: This market leader in the production of quality control equipment for the manufacture of silicon chips and semiconductors faced increasing challenges in providing product reliability and after sales service quality with heightened microprocessor demand, accelerated time-to-market, increased chip design and manufacturing complexity, and escalating costs.

Solution: Sutherland worked with the client to overhaul and streamline the entire after sales service process, consolidating from 7 to 4 centers, and increasing service capacity while reducing costs. The entire process was delivered through two teams:

  • A Global Operations Center Group to manage interactions and provide first point of contact for client field engineers to satisfy Trouble Ticket processing;
  • Global Parts Order Group to source parts for field engineers and manage logistics.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Improved global field service and resolution cycle times
  • Lowered response and resolution costs

Key results:

  • Synchronized parts and engineer availability for 99% ETA commitment success rate
  • Improved information capture to 97% accuracy rating
  • Increased handling to 3,000 calls, 16,000 e-mails and 6,000 order shipments per month
  • Streamlined support for 140 products across 41 global parts depots in 4 languages

Cybersecurity leader launches simultaneous business transformation spanning 3 sites, 3 continents and 8 languages

Background: Our client, a leading cybersecurity and information management solutions provider for Fortune 500 companies, was splitting from its former parent company into an independent, privately owned company. Sutherland was engaged to oversee and execute the entire business transformation – with no downtime or business interruption – simultaneously across three continents (EMEA, APAC and India.) Per the client’s non-disclosure agreement, we were entrusted to perform all preliminary work under 100% confidentiality; current employees would have no prior knowledge until the actual day of transition. In the five months leading up to the event, we hired 180 people worldwide.

Solution: We successfully completed this high-complexity business transformation seamlessly and simultaneously across three sites, eight languages and two skill sets, including Tier 1/ frontline and Tier 2/advanced support. All current employees were retained and rebadged as Sutherland employees. Today, we provide technical support by phone and email for the client’s customers in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (LATAM and European), Portuguese (Brazilian), Mandarin and Japanese. Our technical support engineers deliver high-quality support for customers on backup and recovery products – including troubleshooting and resolving highly complex technical issues on heterogeneous environments that are utilized on complex, mission-critical Enterprise systems.

Measurable Business Outcomes:

  • Transformational Business Services
  • Expedite Time-to-Market
  • Improved CSAT

Key results:

  • Transition: Moved 1300 advanced cases and 600 frontline cases across all sites
  • Today: Handle 950 ADV cases while maintaining the frontline backlogs
  • Delivered CSAT of 79% for the frontline business, an outstanding result considering the newness of the overall team