Sutherland strives to create on-going value for our clients through process improvements and technology innovation during the Discovery and Gap Analysis stages - prior to Implementation.

Once we reach the steady state operations phase of a program, we focus on continuous process improvement, and re-evaluate processes as needed. We invest heavily in our technology infrastructure, so our clients are able to utilize the technology enhancements for their requirements in an off-balance sheet model. Our process consulting group proactively works with the client stakeholders to identify additional process optimization opportunities that are appropriate to transition.

Sutherland encourages prospective clients to evaluate a potential BPO partner on four fronts:

Staying ahead of the curve
Can the partner proactively anticipate quantum process improvements and innovations needed? Does the partner have the ability to continuously innovate using the latest technologies and remain ahead of the market?
Blend of consulting and practitioner expertise
Can the partner evaluate operations environments objectively, and can they leverage in-house practitioner expertise to provide recommendations on process and technology improvements that are pragmatic and implementable?
Continuous value creation
Can the partner deliver continuous process and technology improvements to provide value creation on a continuous basis?
Structured process methodology
Does the partner have a structured methodology to enable and drive process improvements an innovation? Do they have a demonstrated track record in utilizing Six Sigma methodology to deliver results? Do they have an IT Service Management framework built on ITIL?

Sutherland has significant breadth and depth in each of these capabilities and can provide additional detail and case studies.

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