People, Process and Technology are the foundation upon which Sutherland has built and grown over the past two decades. The Sutherland Service Excellence Framework , defined by Flawless Execution, Consistent Quality, Enhanced Customer Experience, Continuous Process Improvement and Ability to Scale is built on a suite of Customized Technology solutions (100+ Sutherland IP Applications, Tools & Products) designed, developed and deployed for our clients by Six Sigma certified engineers leveraging our 25+ years of domain expertise in the BPO space.

These platforms, applications & tools are tightly integrated with client systems. This ensures that we are constantly focused on the end-customer while being responsive to the changing business needs of our clients.

Significant highlights:

  • 2000 MB of meshed-telecom infrastructure connecting 35 service delivery centers through triple-redundant paths that assures near-zero downtime, 100% failover across the Atlantic and Pacific routes, and provides multiple-carrier redundancies.
  • Over 20 million Data files; Images; Voice calls, E-mail transactions and Chat support transactions are aggregated daily from across 4 geographies (North America; South America; EMEA & APAC) and delivered seamlessly to any of the 35 service delivery centers of Sutherland in Bulgaria, Canada, China, Colombia, Egypt, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Philippines, United Arab Emirates & United States.
  • Our technology Infrastructure withstood the Tsunami event in Asia; the cable cut in the Pacific; the earthquake in Algeria. With instant failover to the alternate routes, disruption to telephony and data communication was limited to marginally higher latency in some for the first 3O minutes, but business continuity was assured.
  • Sutherland is ISO 27001 and PCI certified and transacts over 100,000 credit card transactions a month. A unique IVR based payment processing system built and integrated by Sutherland ensures that the transactions are completely opaque to our associates. There has not been a single case of a suspicious credit card malpractice.
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