Airline Industry Overview

In the last decade, the airline industry has truly displayed an impressive resilience, battling diminished revenue resulting from natural disasters, economic downturn, rising fuel prices and supplier costs, and heightened regulation. Mr. Giovanni Bisignani, Director General of the International Air Transportation Association (IATA), recently offered the following words of wisdom:

"The keys to relevance and success are courage, change, and innovation."

Sutherland takes this recommendation very seriously. Our unique integrated Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) model for airlines merges strategic back and front office functions into one succinct solution. Our end-to-end services allow airlines to focus on their strategic business objectives, leaving operational and tactical execution to us.

The services we provide to our airline partners drive measurable improvements impacting customer satisfaction and their bottom line, returning investments along the entire fare cycle.

Sutherland's BPO service offerings for the airline industry include:

Airline Analytics

Airline Revenue Accounting

  • Interline Network Optimization Analytics
  • Monthly Business Analysis and Management Reporting
  • Proviso Analysis and Structuring
  • Predictive Analysis for Revenue Projections
  • SPA Performance Analysis as Compared with Market Data

Airline Loyalty Management>

  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Campaign Designing and Strategies
  • Target List Generation and ROI Optimization
  • Customer Lifeline Value and Profitability

Interline Evaluation

  • SPA/Codeshare Score Carding
  • Identify the key evaluation areas for interline relationship using robust analysis framework
  • Recommendations around key business decisions like sectors, RBDs, connectivity, etc.

Customer Care

  • Customer Sales/Bookings and Reservations
  • Cross Sell & Up Sell of Ancillary products
  • General Inquiries
  • Cancellations and Reschedules
  • Refund and Exchange Management with SLA Monitoring
  • Email and Online Bookings Fulfillment
  • Itinerary Research
  • Complaints/ Correspondence Handling
  • Destination Information
  • Technical Helpdesk
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and E-mail Processing
  • Chat Support
  • Schedule Change
  • Lost Baggage Handling

Loyalty Management

  • Member Enrolment
  • Tracking Member Transactions
  • Tier Management
  • Accrual and Redemptions
  • Points Balancing and Expiration
  • Membership Control
  • Partner Management
  • Reporting
  • Segmentation and Data Mining/Analyses

Finance & Accounting

  • Expense Accounting
  • Receivables Reconciliation
  • Payables Reconciliation
  • Payroll Management
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
    • Procure to Pay
    • T&E Analysis and RFP Monitoring

Revenue Accounting

Passenger Revenue Accounting

Protect your revenue and increase productivity through an intensive and stimulating review of the passenger revenue accounting and control activities.

  • Sales/Flown Processing and Accounting
  • Interline Billing including Codeshare
  • Proration - including MPA's, SPA's and Provisos
  • Reconciliation - Flown and Sales Matching
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Interline Payable Audit
  • Taxes and Fees Accounting including Fuel and Insurance Surcharges (YQ/YR)
  • Credit Card Processing and Reconciliation
  • Clearing House, Direct Settlement Files Creation and Transmission
  • SIS Process Management for Receivable and Payables
  • FFP Management for Settlement with Interline Partners
  • Incentives Calculation and Bonuses for Agents, GSA and Other Channel Partners

Cargo Revenue Accounting

  • Stock Management
  • Export Sales/Billing
  • Uplift and Transfers Processing
  • Sales/Flown Processing and Accounting
  • Net Rate Determination
  • CASS and CNS Settlements
  • CTM and CC Billing
  • Billing and Audit Support
  • GSA Accounting
  • Expense Management
  • Mail Processing, Billing and Settlements

Revenue Recovery

Revenue Recovery and Protection

  • Auditing of Agency Sales for Fares, Taxes and Refunds
  • GDS Fees Audit
  • BIDT Audit and Analysis
  • Uplift RBD Violation Audit
  • PTA Over and Underutilization Audit
  • Interline Billing and Settlement Audit
  • Auto Upload of ADMs & ACMs into BSP Link as well as ARC Memo Manager
  • Dispute Management
  • ADM Collection Management Service for US Market

Fares Management

  • Competitive Fares Monitoring
  • Rules and Footnote Coding of All the ATPCo Categories including CAT25/31/33/35
  • YQ/YR Filing
  • Handling Big Fares and Add-on Structures
  • Creating Complicated Routing Maps
  • Fare Class Realignment and RBD Maintenance
  • Database Management
  • Process Documentation
  • Handling CRS Specific Coding/Queries

Revenue Management

  • Interline Network Optimization Analytics
  • Fares Distribution
  • Revenue Integrity including Space Control and Related Activities
  • Competitive Fares Analysis
  • Data Mining and Market Segmentation

The Sutherland Advantage

  • Point solutions for the industry with best of breed platforms as well as customer driven with technology
  • IATA certified skill-set carrying professionals with more than 5,000 person-years of industry experience
  • Solutions along the entire fare cycle; from fare management to revenue accounting to financial planning as well as accounting