Sutherland Perform

Understand your customer’s interactions across every channel to deliver a superior customer experience.

It's All AI's on the Customer

Sutherland Perform is our AI-powered customer interaction platform. It tracks every interaction and applies NLP and ML techniques to generate actionable insights that improve the customer experience.

During a session, Perform addresses what went right, wrong and what could have been done better to meet a customer's needs. These interactions are monitored in real-time and insights are delivered instantaneously to employees and management. This enables enterprises to make the right decisions and take corrective actions to continuously improve the customer experience.

Know what customers think and feel about your products and services so it can inform your strategy.

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Enhance the Experience

Sutherland Perform analyzes customer interactions across multiple parameters. It examines employee compliance and adherence to prescribed customer engagement processes to monitor and track employee behavior. This identifies new opportunities that can help employees transform the customer experience. 

Perform utilizes customer voice, email, chat, and social interactions to provide actionable insights at an agent, team, manager, channel, LOB, and company-wide level. These insights help employees see through personalized coaching how they can better assist customers and the changes they can adopt in the future to deliver a better experience. 

Our tools, technology, and our people, ensure your business can thrive in an increasingly remote world. Our teams help you unlock high-performance outcomes with flexible, resilient services delivered dynamically from anywhere in the world.

Sutherland Perform's Capabilities

Get rich insights on all interaction across chat, call, social, email and any other relevant digital channels, and make better business decisions.
Perform delivers unbiased, consistent and automated interpretations of customer interactions that are reliable, timely and accurate.
Metrics are monitored, analyzed, reported and most importantly actioned to improve CSAT and Resolution scores.
Metrics are reported across teams and channels driving corrective actions at the appropriate level in the organization.


Session-wise inputs highlight the discussion and performance. 


A search feature checks the performance of an individual agent, with additional inputs to highlight the KPI-wise performance of the agent. 


Drill down of statistics for all agents reporting under one manager. This provides an overall view of performance for the team. 


This examines statistics for all agents involved in the program. With an overall view of performance for the program as well as additional insights to highlight training needs. 

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